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OBRIZUM's Sub-Processors

A sub-processor is any business or contractor where customer data may pass through as a result of using OBRIZUM's services, under the GDPR. 

This list outlines the partners that we are affiliated with that are utilised to bring specific expertise to our business processes that are critical to our clients having a quality experience. 

List of Sub-Processors:

Entity name
Entity destination
Processing activity to be performed
Amazon Web Services
Cloud infrastructure for our apps and services
Zendesk Inc
Customer support management
Cloud based transactional email delivery platform
SendGrid Twilio Inc
Cloud based transactional email delivery platform
HubSpot Inc
Customer relationship management and sales and marketing automation Ltd
Website visitor data collection and tracking
Business intelligence dashboard, aggregates and organises data from our own platform
Cloud based payment processing services
Google Inc
Website analytics and customer interaction

Updates to this Page

OBRIZUM's needs as an organisation will continue to evolve in light of changes to our business, technical, and regulatory context. As a result we must regularly re-evaluate our Sub-Processor relationships to ensure efficiency in our delivery and development of services. We will regularly update this page to reflect changes to our engagement of external Sub-Processors. Details provided will be balanced
between clarifying our data processing architecture and protecting our organisational Information Security. New Sub-Processor relationships will only be entered into after due diligence is performed and regulatory compliance is ensured.

We understand that our Data Subjects have an interest in knowing exactly how their data is processed and will do our best to responsibly facilitate such insights where possible and when requested. Under the terms of our Data Processing Agreement (DPA), a User may reasonably object in writing to the processing of its personal data by a new Sub-Processor within 30 days following the update of this page. If the objection satisfies all relevant Right of Access/Rectification/Erasure/Transportation factors of applicable data protection law, we will facilitate the request. If a User does not object during the 30-day time period, the appointment of the new sub-processor shall be deemed accepted by the User. If you are an OBRIZUM User and want to know more about our DPA, please contact us.

For more information on Obrizum’s privacy practices, please visit our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding this page, please  contact us.

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