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Life Science Research Reagents and Techniques

Open-Access Online Course

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Cell Culture     -      Organoids      -     Antibodies      -       Inhibitors 
Complete the course to earn your certificate and unlock your exclusive offer:
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This adaptive learning space covers a selection of basic as well as some cutting-edge techniques which will give researchers in life science a solid base to plan their experimental work with the highest standards.

The programme covers a range of laboratory techniques including:

  • Good cell culture practice, including safety procedures

  • Cryopreservation and cell banking

  • Sterility and microbial contamination tests

  • 3D cell culture and organoids

  • Human iPS-derived colon organoids, including our assay ready colon organoids

  • Antibody Technology, including our ZooMAb® Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody and Prestige Antibody® product lines

  • Inhibitors and their applications in biology

Upon completion of this programme, you will earn a personalised digital certificate as well as access to exclusive offers on a selection of reagents from our portfolio.

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