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Blended Learning

OBRIZUM X blends corporate training events with adaptive digital learning experiences.

Learning today, leading tomorrow

What do we do?

Using our unique approach, our team can tailor the learning experience to meet your business goals and needs. We support you every step of the way to ensure that you and your employees or customers get the most out of their learning journey.


Corporate Training | Conferences | Hands-On Training | Customer Education

Our Services

From design to delivery of multiple programmes, our blended learning packages offer a range of digital and face-to-face formats to get the most effective and efficient learning experience.

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Blended Learning Package

Benefits of using OBRIZUM for Blended Learning

Pre-instructor led training

Give learners a head start by providing the background knowledge ahead of training to ensure an optimal learning experience.


Use our metacognitive assessments to identify knowledge gaps to inform instructor-led training.


This approach identifies what learners really need and saves you time and resources.

Post-instructor led learning

Learners can continue using OBRIZUM to revise materials, learn in-the-flow of their work, and unlock certificates.

OBRIZUM X Past events

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Get in touch

Speak to our experts to find out more on how blended learning can supercharge learning and development in your organisation. 

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Michelle Ware

Head of Blended Learning

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