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Preventing Financial Crime 

Adaptive eLearning

Financial Crime comprises a number of criminal offences, including money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion facilitation, sanction breaches and also bribery and corruption. It’s complex, multi-national and often secretive which makes it difficult to detect, mitigate and prevent.


You only need to watch the news to see the devastating effects and suffering that financial crime can cause, eg. through money laundering for organised crime gangs or modern slavery and trafficking.


Barclays does a number of things to mitigate financial crime risk. This includes intelligence sharing and public private partnerships across the industry, strengthening our defences through robust policies and controls and investing in people and technology to improve our defences. We also work collaboratively across our organisation with our Cyber, Fraud and Legal colleagues to make it easier to identify and disrupt criminal activity.


Each of us has a role to play in preventing financial crime in Barclays. This training will help you to spot the warning signs, understand our policies and control framework, help you to identify financial crime threats and in turn empower you to escalate your concerns accordingly.


Thank you

Mark Gibbins

Head of Financial Crime Compliance Services

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