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About Us

We believe in knowledge and its power to change our world for the better.


Let us show you how we harness that power.

We are transforming digital learning

We established OBRIZUM in 2015 in Cambridge, United Kingdom, a world leading hub of science and technology. 

Each of us identified that the amount of information we needed to ingest and apply was increasing exponentially. The company was created to cater for this need as the traditional system, consisting of catalogs of linear content, wouldn’t be able to keep pace and would eventually collapse.

Our unique Artificial Intelligence algorithms were developed to understand and map content networks that could adjust as fast as the market was changing.

The founding pillars that drive our company’s values, ethos and mission are Automation, Adaptability and Analytics.


OBRIZUM is Pure Gold

OBRIZUM means pure gold in Latin and became synonymous with assessment in Roman times. It comes from the way people used to assess gold by repeatedly putting it into flame, to discern it from lesser metals.

Our AI drives learning efficiency by continuously detecting each learner’s needs using our smart assessments, which allows it to constantly adjust where learners should go next.

Quick tip: OBRIZUM is pronounced /əʊbrɪz.əm/.

Our other divisions

There are 2 other divisions that are part of Obrizum Group Ltd, each with a distinct focus. All divisions work seamlessly together to bring high-quality and effective solutions to your organisation.



OBRIZUM X specialises in corporate events, from hands-on training courses for small groups to large conferences and can use our OBRIZUM technology platform to blend digital educational in their offerings.


OBRIZUM Media is our in-house premium content production agency.  

The agency specialises in producing engaging multimedia content that you can use in any context, and is fully compatible with adaptive non-linear learning on OBRIZUM. Our creatives use some of the latest technologies in their work to bring you a best-in-class learning experience.

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Meeting Between Colleagues

Changing the game in digital learning

We use AI and unique data science methodologies to help our clients deliver more efficient and measurable learning at scale. ​


​We want to help global organisations measure return on learning and manage the flow of information to their greatest assets, people.

We help you leverage the vast amounts of ever-changing information that you have access to.

OBRIZUM's adaptive, non-linear approach is the future of digital learning and corporate training. Like you, we don't believe in "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to learning.  That is why we have created a truly adaptive learning platform that is completely tailored to the unique needs of every learner in real-time.

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