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Transform your corporate learning with OBRIZUM's AI-powered adaptive platform.

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Learning tailored to individual needs

OBRIZUM uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to quickly create, tailor and measure high-quality digital learning on a global scale.


We empower organisations to make data-driven decisions that allow them to grow, succeed and nurture their people through engaging digital transformation.


Say hello to adaptive learning

We are revolutionising corporate digital learning

OBRIZUM ingests learning content using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to form Knowledge Spaces (multidimensional content networks).

With OBRIZUM, almost any content can be integrated into an adaptive and tailored digital experience, so existing learning material can be leveraged alongside other useful content like PDF documents, videos, podcasts, slide decks, infographics, and even virtual reality.

Let us show you how OBRIZUM aligns with your needs. 

Fast and Easy

All you need to do is provide the content. Need more or better content? Our OBRIZUM Media team will take care of it!

OBRIZUM understands your multimedia content, organises it for you and automatically creates fully adaptive Knowledge Spaces. 


Track Progress in Real-time

Our intricate analytics dashboard can help organisations cover more ground faster by measuring user's knowledge skills competency and interest.

Report progress, identify knowledge gaps and measure learning efficiency. Map your people's knowledge and skills capital to make better data-driven decisions.


Tailored and Efficient

We pioneer non-linear adaptive learning that generates tailored learning paths and empowers learners’ confidence.

With our adaptive engine and thorough continuous assessment, we ensure that we send each learner on the most tailored and efficient journey for them.


Take it to the next level

At OBRIZUM we know that in-person experiences and creative content can make all the difference in engaging learners, which is why we offer our very own blended learning and digital media and content production services.   

Each division works seamlessly together to bring your organisation what it needs to achieve your people's learning potential. 

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Blended Learning

OBRIZUM X innovates corporate events blended with OBRIZUM's digital learning technology.


Digital Creative Agency

OBRIZUM Media specialises in producing digital learning content and integrated marketing for your brand.

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We take your business to higher grounds

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OBRIZUM has exceeded all of our expectations with regards to this program and we are already working with the OBRIZUM team to expand our on-demand offering to our customer base. 

Product Training Manager


I remember the first time I saw a demo of OBRIZUM and immediately knew it
was something different, something special. I quickly engaged with the wider
OBRIZUM team who are a delight to work with and passionate about their

Chief Product Officer


It was so exciting to see how education could be delivered
so differently, and so ambitiously. This is exactly what I have been wanting for the College; OBRIZUM is sensational.

Homerton College


The OBRIZUM platform is one of the best platforms among any of the online platforms I've experienced.

Associate Professor


Nurture, Grow & Flourish

Let your people pursue extraordinary opportunities today