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OBRIZUM® is a cloud-based adaptive learning platform powered by deep proprietary artificial intelligence technology that allows organisations in high-skill areas to automatically create, deliver and monitor adaptive online learning and development programmes on a global scale.

OBRIZUM® was established by OBRIZUM® Group Ltd. in Cambridge, United Kingdom a world-leading hub of science and technology. The co-founders and early management team were scientists, technologists and senior software engineers from the University of Cambridge. We shared the common goal of finding a way to make large amounts of complex information more user friendly.


We aim to help global organisations in every sector from healthcare to financial institutions manage the flow of information to their greatest assets, their people. 


OBRIZUM® takes online learning to another level, offering game changing benefits to end users, programme managers, and organisations. 

We use Artificial Intelligence (also known as 'AI') and unique data science methodologies to help our clients understand and utilise complex information quickly.  


OBRIZUM® was created to help

large organisations  leverage the

vast amounts of ever-changing information that they have access to.  

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Turning Learning Into Earning™

Organisations can simultaneously and rapidly train large numbers of globally distributed users. Individuals who wish to excel in a particular area or topic and advance their career can be identified and championed to maximise their contribution to the organisation’s activities. Managers can follow the learning progress of individual users and teams via OBRIZUM®’s analytics dashboards - our dashboards are updated in real-time. 

OBRIZUM® ultimately empowers everyone involved - from the end users through all layers of management - to be more confident, reach higher targets, and  collect greater rewards.

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We put the power of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science on your screen and in your pocket. Build adaptive information sequences (for example short e-learning courses) automatically via drag and drop. Your entire team can take the courses you create and via your private management dashboard you will receive easy to interpret charts and graphs on how everyone is doing.

Accelerate curation time

All the programme manager needs to do is upload content files. OBRIZUM® ingests content of any format (e.g. audio, video, text,  images, slides...) and uses a combination of analytical techniques including advanced natural language processing to accurately define subjects related to each piece of content. Our sophisticated AI algorithms establish relationships and dependencies between all content elements. OBRIZUM® then automatically creates a self-organising multi-dimensional content space, which is ready for adaptive learning. 

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They say you can't please all of the people, all of the time... Well with AI you can get pretty close! Your team will see the content they need, precisely when they need it. Courses will be available on-demand any time of the day or night and from anywhere in the world. Dip in and out of the learning as it suits you and pickup where you left off. No more scheduling nightmares!  

Personalize learning


OBRIZUM®’s AI core tailors the route of every individual user through a non-linear and mathematically interconnected content space. This  tailoring is based on the analysis of each user’s unique interaction with the platform, both passive and active, through integrated metacognitive assessments. 

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Cost and time efficient information consumption around subjects that are critical to the success of your enterprise. Rapid but sensitive assessment formats will give you deeper insights into the knowledge and skill capital at your disposal. Use OBRIZUM to ensure that everyone has the information and skills and understanding necessary to work as productively as possible. Productivity is the fuel for growth.

Return on learning


The data extracted during OBRIZUM®’s analysis of users‘ interactions with the platform can help organisations understand their people’s full potential, and spot valuable market opportunities by empowering their employees. The platform's data science driven analytics dashboard allows managers and organisations to make data-driven decisions in key areas like team structure and smart marketing.



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